Les Enfants de Gorée • 2011

Open expression: tributes and author’s favourites

with Thierry Vaton, Thierry Fanfant, Stéphane Castry, Emile Romain, Allen Hoist, Tony chasseur, Béatrice Poulot, Olivier Defays, Thierry Boucou-Pastel, Fodé Baro, Antoine Karacosta, Andy Barrow, Carlomagno Araya and Babriel Saientz.

« [Chris Combette] presents an elegant folk music, often danceable, but never too far from jazz music. The world is his play ground, all the way from French Guyana to Africa. »
– Ch. Jenny – le Bananier bleu – 2011.

La Danse de Flore • 2003

Aesthetic imprints: sketches on a collection of Caribbean rhythms

with Chris Combette, Thierry Vaton, Georges Mac, Emile Romain, Stéphane Castry, Thierry Fanfant, Arsène Popo, Eric Bonheur, William Camara, Richard Arame, Tony Chasseur, Claudine Pénon, Jamila Hypolite, Naila Joseph, Olivier Defays, Alain Hatot , Philippe Slominski, Philppe Henry, Neil Geddes, Mungal Patasar, Marko Ballant…

« An album peacefully brilliant evolving between reggae, bossa nova, calypso, konpa »
– Chorus – 2004
« tributes and author’s favourites

« A breath of fresh air coming straight from the tropical forest, a unique sunray to warm long winter nights, a nonchalant reggae, a carefree melody, so many ingredients making of this album a must-have to fight the blues. »
– F. Bensignor – Altérités – Jan. 2004

Salambô • 1996

Wisdom paths : ordinary people making History

with Chris Combette, Thierry Vaton, Tony Chasseur, William Camara, Jean-Christophe Maillard,
Allen Hoist, Kali, Nadia My Phuong, Françoise Marie-Claire Mosole.

« At last some novelty in Creole music. Chris Combette, with his charming swing, takes us on the path of a dancing whisper…. A path already expored by Haitian musician Beethova Obas. »
– E. Azoulay – Télérama – Feb.1997

Plein Sud • 1994

Stories of life: from the child’s dreams to the adult’s nostalgia, a path of emotions.

with Chris Combette, Thierry Vaton. Tony Chasseur. Bago. Jacques Bolognési. Allen Hoist,
Phillipe Slominsky. William Camara. Jean-Philippe Fanfant. Thierry Fanfant. Françoise Marie-Claire Mosole.
Tatiana Miath. Jean-Paul Pognon. Maurice Mouflet.

« Plein Sud takes us on a journey through the Caribbean. The well composed melodies and rhythms enhance the author’s poetry making us want to become a part of it and gently hum the story of Bakoulélé, the story of this Creole woman at home or the bashful lover’s one. An album nicely becoming a part of us the more we listen to it.

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